This Month On

2 November 2021

A young journalist goes into the deep wood to interview the heavy-metal duo LANDGRAVES, who records an album for the first time since a murder imprisonment. His curiosity pushes him to follow the band deep in the forest, as a snowstorm arises.

Directed by: Jean-François Leblanc

4 November 2021

A young Seminole woman still reeling from a recent divorce returns to her home in the Everglades with the overwhelming sense that something or someone has followed her. When she unknowingly lets in a terrifying Skinwalker, she must reconnect with her past and heritage to defeat it.

Directed by: Jessica Henric

9 November 2021

When a blue-collar man is forcibly implanted with his alien boss’s parasitic offspring, he asks his wife to help him remove the parasite — a dangerous and forbidden act that puts their marriage — and their lives — at risk.

Directed by: Justin Daering

11 November 2021

An unsuspecting robber chooses the wrong bar to hold a stick up.

Directed by: Maxwell Nalevansky, Carl Fry

16 November 2021

The middle of nowhere seems the perfect location to dispose of a corpse; but the middle of nowhere calls all sorts. Fresh in the act of burying her victim, a killer is caught red handed by a hovering drone. She must chase down the drone and it’s pilot to prevent her secret ever leaving the scene of the crime.

Directed by: Marcus Newman

18 November 2021

When an apocalyptic virus threatens to turn her father into a violent monster, 18 year-old Max must lead him and her younger sister, Ellen, through a perilous mountain range in hope of finding a cure on the other side. With Max willing to risk it all to save her father, and Ellen willing to do anything to protect herself and Max, the small family finds itself not only struggling for survival against incredible odds, but also being torn apart from within.

Directed by: Merlin Camozzi

23 November 2021

When Jay, a nineteen-year-old fashionista is left home alone, she discovers that not all of her clothes are quite as harmless as she thinks.

Directed by: Kris Carr

25 November 2021

Evelyn lives isolated in a cabin in the woods haunted every night by monsters of unknown origin. One day she finds a man in the forest and decides to help him. She becomes entranced by the stranger and struggles between her safety and her sexual desires.

Directed by: Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz

30 November 2021
Mary, a young astronomer left home alone, has her star-gazing interrupted by her new baby sister’s incessant crying. As her anger grows, strange events start happening in her shadowy attic lair. The lights go out, a growing black spot appears in the sky, and Mary finds herself being driven closer and closer to doing the unthinkable.
Directed by: Kris and Kurtis Theorin