BAFTA Nominated ALTER Exclusive

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We are delighted to congratulate the filmmakers behind “The Blue Door” for their recent BAFTA nomination.

Starring Gemma Whelan (“Game of Thrones”, “The Crown”), “The Blue Door” follows a district nurse after she’s assigned a new patient living alone in a dilapidated bungalow. The nurse soon discovers that her dying patient, and the home she inhabits, are hiding a dark secret.

“The Blue Door” will be available exclusively on ALTER at the end of April.

Writers Megan Pugh and Ben Clark spoke to us about what the film represents;

“Writing The Blue Door we wanted to return to the hallmarks of British horror story telling, but with a modern lean and an interesting female protagonist. Ben had a returning idea of a door and how interesting it would be to make something inanimate like that scary. Megan had a reoccurring, horrible dream which we wanted to incorporate.

The Blue Door represents our irrational fears, which are then made very real and present.

We’re thrilled Alter / Gunpowder & Sky has selected the Blue Door to feature on its amazing platform, championing great works in the horror genre. We really hope Alter’s millions of viewers enjoy The Blue Door as much as we did making it.”