Q&A with Dani Viqueira, Director of “Limbo”

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Name a Horror character you relate to on a spiritual/personal level?

Wes Craven

Youve gotta go through some bad ideas to get to the good ones. Tell us one of your bad ideas. How do you get past the bad ones to find your spark?

I usually do trial and error while I’m writing, recording, and editing. If I see that one of those tests works perfect I go ahead.

Do you consider yourself part of a horror community?

Of Course.

When youre building the world of your film, where do you look for inspiration?

In my personal and referential terrors at the cinematographic level, a great moment of inspiration is when I wake up, I keep my eyes closed and let my mind flow

What would you do if you woke up inside of your film?

try the way to wake up and get out of that nightmare because they usually play a psychological and unreal section about reality

Who would be on your ultimate horror villain squad?

Freddy Krueger

Lightning round: Freddy or Jason? Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft? Practical or CGI? Post Apocalypse or Pre Apocalypse?

Freddy, Sthepen, Practical, Post.

What scares you, and does it inspire your storytelling?

Well, I try to distort reality and put my characters in their own nightmares.

And finally, Ghostface would like to know Whats your favourite scary movie?

Evil dead and Jaws.