Lucas Amann

Lucas Amann is a screenwriter, director, and novelist who got his start directing commercials and music videos in Austin, TX.

Alter Films


Q & A

Name a Horror character you relate to on a spiritual/personal level?

Fred Madison; “I like to remember things my own way...not necessarily the way they happened.”

You’ve gotta go through some bad ideas to get to the good ones. Tell us one of your bad ideas. How do you get past the bad ones to find your spark?

My initial concept involved George accidentally impregnating himself by getting semen into an open wound, growing an external placenta. It was my friend Matthew who suggested the sperm cells should simply blow up on their own, which unlocked a lot of ideas about lifecycles and abuse cycles.

Do you consider yourself part of a horror community?

Not particularly. More of an outsider.

When you’re building the world of your film, where do you look for inspiration?


What would you do if you woke up inside of your film?

Vivisect a little Georgie, find out what's inside.

Who would be on your ultimate horror villain squad?

Aylmer, Greaser Greg, Grandpa Sawyer, a pinch off of the Blob, and that singing mushroom from Troll.

Lightning round: Freddy or Jason? Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft? Practical or CGI? Post Apocalypse or Pre Apocalypse?

Freddy. Neither; Dennis Cooper. Practical. Pre-Apocalypse.

How do you go about creating the props and sets for your film? How do you create objects that are relatable but unfamiliar?

The brilliant Lauren Fitzsimmons (production designer) and Arjen Tuiten (makeup illusionist) and their amazing teams deserve all the credit. I make sketches, paintings, lookbooks; they elevate, expand, specify my rough ideas and manifest them into reality. Alchemists.

What scares you, and does it inspire your storytelling?

Intimacy. Absolutely.

And finally, Ghostface would like to know ‘What’s your favourite scary movie?’

Tetsuo: The Iron Man