Rob Himebaugh

Rob Himebaugh is an award-winning filmmaker and composer, and founder of Post Captain Media, a digital production company. His short films deal in dark fantasy, and his large body of original music spans all genres, from cinematic majesty to synthwave.

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Q & A

Name a Horror character you relate to on a spiritual level? Who is your Horror spirit animal?

Jason Voorhees. Friday the 13th (1980) was one of the first horror movies I ever watched, and I still have the entire franchise committed to memory. Not only does he embody the ultimate misunderstood monster, but he lives in what I consider to be the spookiest, moodiest, most melancholy place on earth.

You’ve gotta go through some bad ideas to get to the good ones. Tell us one of your bad ideas. How do you get past the bad ones to find your spark?

I often find that bad ideas start popping up if a script I'm working on is going on for too long and overstaying its welcome. Usually the best thing to do is just rewind the story a little bit and choose an earlier point to end on.

Do you consider yourself part of a horror community?

Of course.

When you’re building the world of your film, where do you look for inspiration?

I go for the stuff that moves me, and that's typically scenic locations (a spooky forest, Mayan ruins, a windswept New England coast, etc.)

What would you do if you woke up inside of your film?


Who would be on your ultimate horror villain squad?

The classic trifecta of Jason, Freddy, and Michael.

Lightning round: Freddy or Jason? Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft? Practical or CGI? Post Apocalypse or Pre Apocalypse?

Jason Part 4. H.P. Lovecraft for the ideas but not the execution. Practical with seamless CGI enhancement. Pre-apocalypse... you mean 2019?

How do you go about creating the props and sets for your film? How do you create objects that are relatable but unfamiliar?

Use what we have and add to it. Never create from scratch if you can help it. Put all the money on the screen.

And finally, Ghostface would like to know ‘What’s your favourite scary movie?’

Surely by now you've guessed it.