13 min 52 sec | 2020

A grieving couple navigates the mysterious disappearance of their son and a stranger visits in the middle of the night to bring their worst fears to a violent, and psychedelic climax.

More about GRIEF:
After Kevin and Esther’s son is abducted and remains missing, their relationship deteriorates quickly. A year later and Kevin has spent months attending grief counseling meetings in an attempt to save his eroding relationship with his wife, while Esther still flails in denial.

On a particularly tense evening, while in the throws of a devastating fight between Kevin and Esther, a stranger arrives at their home unannounced.

What follows can only be described as a violent and psychedelic exploration of grief.

Directed and written by Brock Bodell & Daniel R. Perry
Produced by Justin Cyrul
Cinematography by Brad Grimm
Edited by Brock Bodell

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