Paranormal Solutions Inc. Episode 5 & 6

22 min 12 sec | 2015

Episode 5 “The Internet Killed The Video Store” The PSI team sets-up shop in a old abandoned video store on the edge of town known for it’s famous hauntings. They decide to spend the weekend there, with a more elaborate video set-up since Jared is pitching PSI as a reality TV show.

Episode 6 “Only YOU Can Prevent Zombie Attacks” The team decides to take a break and go camping. Jared was hoping to rekindle the romance with Sarah on this trip, but once again, Dax is an unwelcome guest. Everything is sidelined by an impending zombie apocalypse.

Paranormal Solutions Inc. is expanding! Armed with their new slogan, “We Believe in Everything!” six hapless but passionate, semi-successful ghost hunters attempt to grow their business and become real players in the supernatural game.

Created by Nicholas Carella and David Milchard