18 min 55 sec | 2020

Vinny is at the top of the criminal underworld with unlimited access to whatever he desires. But in wake of his 50th birthday party his illusions of true love crumble, paving way for all his long hidden insecurities and filling his heart with rage and fury.

Starring: Kristoffer Joner (“The Revenant”, “The Wave”), Oliver Hohlbrugger (“Autumn Harvest”).
Also starring: Asbjørn R. Halsten, Linda Tveiten.
Written by Jamie Turville // Directed by Fredrik S. Hana // Produced by Gary Cranner.
Music by Morten Joh
Director of Photography: Christer B. Runde
Directors Assistant: Patrick Bjørsrud
Production Designer: Lina Helvik
Special Make-up FX: Michael Wallin
Made with support from Filmkraft Rogaland, Hinterland and Chezville.

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