16 min 51 sec | 2020

In the fever of her first period, a curious teenager is drawn to her small town’s local legend, only to find that the “Boogeywoman” is flesh and blood–the mother she never had.

Late blooming Sam Rains finally gets her first period at the annual all-night skate. At first a triumph, her new condition brings strange side effects. An erie electrical problem has the kids teasing about “the Boogeywoman,” a local legend, a sorceress who feeds on men’s souls and eats little girls. Skepticism crumbles as a concession stand burnout suggests that not only is the Boogeywoman flesh and blood, but that Sam is a spitting image of her. When a friend leaks about Sam’s period, the boys tell her she’s fair game for The Boogeywoman. With an expected tryst derailed, Sam leaves the skating rink in a fever only to meet the legend in the flesh. Instead of a monster, Sam finds a mother, a goddess, a mentor–opening the door to womanhood.

Directed, written and edited by Erica Scoggins
Produced by Dakin Cranwell, Ian Flannery and Sinah Ober
Cinematography by Albrecht Von Grünhagen

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