11 min 42 sec | 2020

A young artist couple moves into a painter’s studio where the previous tenant hacked two people to death. The couple quickly discovers the studio harbors dark secrets.

More About THE HOAXING: Angie and Cash can’t believe their luck – a sprawling art studio in DTLA that’s dirt cheap. Sleazy landlord Bruce is practically forced to give it away after the gruesome murders that took place there months earlier. Cash convinces Angie that moving in is the best thing for their art: Angie will have space to paint and Cash can pull off his greatest work of art yet – a hoax that the loft is haunted, which he will broadcast on social media. But after a series of increasingly disturbing events, it’s unclear what is real and what is a hoax.

Directed by: Bevin McNamara
Written by: Justin Gallaher & Samuel Roseme
Produced by: Torrey DeVitto, Justin Gallaher & Samuel Roseme
Executive Producer: Matthew Lesher
Angie: Torrey DeVitto
Cash: Jimmy Gonzales
Bruce: Nick Boraine
Mary: Catherine Mann
Director of Photography: Jesse Cain
Costume Designer: Catherine Hahn
Music Composer: Seth Rosetter
Art Director: Yasmine Hed
Edited by: Justin Gallaher & Bevin McNamara
Key Grip: Jim Kwiatkowski

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